VIND – the aerodynamic shape, lightness and excellent functionality – all makes this astounding effect and the quality does not cease to impress even after a long period of use.

The assembly will take you no longer than 10 minutes!

The tent has constant pressure so it does not require a ventilator! It can be used in places where no access to electricity is available. It is composed of four independent modules, filled with air and the polyester plating is in extensive range of colours.

We offer VIND walls in three options:

– full wall,
– wall with a vertical zip,
– wall with a window

VIND 4×4 offers access to 40.8m2 of advertising area and 15m2 of usable area.


Width of the tent 4,00 m
Length of the tent 4,00 m
External height 2,90 m
Internal height 2,65 m
Width of entrance 3,70 m
Height of entrance 2,20 m
Diameter of the support 0,25 m


VIND 5X5 means 65.2m2 of advertising area and 22m2 of usable area at your disposal.

Width of the tent 5,00 m
Length of the tent 5,00 m
External height 3,60 m
Internal height 3,30 m
Width of entrance 4,5 m
Height of entrance 2,50 m
Diameter of the support 0,3 m

The most impressive, greatest of all beauty. It does a real “wow” effect.

VIND tents are covered with sublimation print on waterproof polyester fabric.


Two-stroke manual pump with an aluminium handle and rubber seal protecting against sand getting into the piston.
Volume: 2 x 2 l
Maximum pressure.: 800 mbar (11,6 PSI)
Dimensions: 11 x 22 x 45 cm


Electric pump
Sand weight     VIND canopy    LED lighting

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