Oyout. tents form the intensely attractive tools for promoting the brand in any indoor and outdoor space during all kind of promotional events – sports, political, social, shows, concerts, festivals, relaxation zones or trade fairs. Multi-functional nature and innovation of our tents, our competence to create on a large advertising area, easy and quick assembly, as well as beautiful lighting effects – all that constitute the basis for the brand truly happening on every event and become deeply impacted in receivers’ memorization.
The high quality of workmanship with Oyout. guarantees resistance to any wheather conditions (wind, water, strong sun, etc.).

SPINDEL tents constitute an interesting alternative to frame-based tents. They are made of a 300 g/m2 polyester fabric and may be made in standard colour or 100% printed. The graphics are printed using the digital method (sublimation or solvent) or screen printing. Optionally, there is a possibility to select tent walls with windows, or choose a certified fire-resistant (FR) fabric.
The tent together with all the fittings is packed into a practical cover to help transport it. Read about our delivery in here.

The guarantee for the SPINDEL tent includes fabric as well as fittings and is extended for two years, whereas in the Extended Guarantee package it is granted for as much as 4 years.

The colour scheme and printing technology depend exclusively on the individual expectations of the buyer. We help our clients select the correct printing technology – solvent, screen printing or sublimation print.

SPINDEL tents are available in 4-, 5- and 6-support versions.

All the specific dimensions can be sent to you within minutes. Get in touch with us for more details of SPINDEL tent.

PANINA tents are the most popular, standard tents. They are characterised by a stable 30 x 30 mm profile and low weight. After assembly they are 160 cm high, and folding is very easy thanks to the structure devoided of any loose elements. The 4-degree regulation of height allows their adaptation to the user’s needs.
The canopy and walls (available in the full version, with doors or windows of various sizes) are made of polyester fabric which is resistant to sear, waterproof and double-impregnated. Aluminium connectors for PANINA tents (instead of plastic ones) significantly strengthen their structure.

Each of the tents may be overprinted using a digital method or screen printing. Many different types of finish are available. Ask Oyout. for details.

The PREMIE tents are extremely durable rapid-assembly tents. They are characterised with a reinforced support profile 40×40 mm and strengthened 220 g/m2 fabric. The new version of PREMIE tent has been enriched to include a very convenient steel release to erect and fold the structure. The specially designed second-generation PREMIUM frames in different sizes allow rapid assembly of accessories directly onto the structure, without the need to use additional fittings.
The PREMIUM tents with the security set are resistant to wind gusts of up to 100 km/h. Oyout. provides a 5-year guarantee for PREMIE tents.

Many different types of finish are available. Ask Oyout. for details.

DOMIE is a very spacious solution. It stands out mainly due to its shape and increased resistance to difficult weather conditions. The dome-like structure is created from aluminium profiles and guarantees stability of the tent in gusts of wind reaching 100 km/h.

The free space under the roof – which was created after the elimination of the scissor structure and ropes – allows the positioning of additional advertising media, e.g. banners, LED lighting, pouffes, and many other.

The large area of the walls efficiently displays advertisements for your brand or product.

Many different types of finish are available. Ask Oyout. for details.

If you are interested in any of our tents do not hesistate to contact us. We will be delighted to answer all your questions!