OYOUT. wants to deliver to our clients all the product they need to make event truly memorable. Here are our basics for events.

OYOUT. POUFFES are available in the widest range of shapes and colours.
The offer includes classic pouffes, armchairs, large cushions, advertising cubes and tightly inflated pouffes, made of a watertight polyester fabric or eco-leather. The filling depends on the type of pouffe and the Customer’s preference – you can choose from regranulates, polystyrene, foam rubber, and inflatable insert.

Pouffes are extremely light, very comfortable and easy to clean, thanks to which they are great for reusing. They are perfect for relaxation zones (standard products) or for the VIP section (customised version products), so that the premium guest’s comfort during open-air and indoor events is the best. They fit excellently also on a daily basis as an element of interior decoration.

OYOUT. FLAGS constitute a very dynamic and effective form of outdoor advertising. Thanks to the ease of placing them at great heights and many different sizes, they offer an excellent display for our clients’ promotional message. They guarantee the highest quality of print and flexible creation opportunities. Due to the above advantages, they are used on a large scale in all types of events. We provide our clients with flags in many shapes and sizes.

OYOUT. WINDYMEN are fancifully moving figures and their wavy motions are the result of air being pumped under pressure into their interior, using a ventilator. Such form of advertising is used mainly for outdoor events.

Windymen exist in one- or two-leg versions. These media are made of the RipStop type European fabric, with the basis weight of 85g/m2. The sublimation print guarantees the possibility of a partial or 100% print and obtaining very intense and bright colours.

The guarantee period is 2 years for the ventilator and 3 months for the fabric. The set with the medium (covering) also contains a ventilator.

OYOUT. BALLS have a true “wow” and interactive playground effect at all concerts and festivals with a large number of participants. Dozens of beautiful, colourful advertising balls, designed specially with the clients’ needs, bouncing over the festival goers’ heads, are almost invariably included in all photos and video reports – both professionals and personal – from open air events. Having great fun is the best form of advertisement!

OYOUT. INFLATABLE LETTERS constitute the original and spectacular promotional medium, fully allowing for the specific nature of the brand (unlimited palette of typefaces, sizes, colours, kerning, fonts) and constituting an integral element of each event. The LED lighting enables to achieve this additional, eye-catching effect, not only after dusk but also during the day.